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Motorcycle Accidents

On average, 3,000 motorcyclists are killed each year while driving. Many others are seriously injured and undergo serious life changes and disabilities due to motorcycle accidents. Statistically, most motorcycle accidents are NOT the fault of the motorcyclist but of the driver of the other vehicle. Usually, inattention on the part of the other driver is the cause of the accident. Specifically, other causes of accidents we commonly see are:

  • If you or anyone operating a vehicle near you is exceeding the speed limit.
  • If you or anyone operating a vehicle near you is under the influence of alcohol, or any other drug.
  • If you or anyone operating a vehicle near you fails to follow proper turning signals.
  • If you or anyone operating a vehicle near you is/are driving on wrong side of the road.
  • While driving in bad weather.
  • Road debris.
There are also numerous kinds of injuries that may occur as a result of motorcycle accidents and collisions:
  • Fractured bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Severe abrasions
  • Internal hemorrhaging
  • Death
Here at HAY LAW our Nevada Motorcycle Accident Attorney uses years of experience in handling car and motorcycle accident cases to investigate every possible factor that would cause an accident, and to ensure that you receive full compensation for you or your loved one’s injuries.
Our Las Vegas Attorney, handles personal injury and wrongful death cases involving motorcycle accidents and other recreational vehicle accidents such as moped accidents, ATV crashes, scooter accidents, and more.
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