Premise Liability

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Premises Liability

Property and land owners are required to maintain their commercial, public, and private properties in such a way that protects those who lawfully enter from reasonable injury. Premises liability law refers to cases involving an injury or death resulting from the negligence of a property owner. Carol Hay has successfully resolved premises liability cases, from slip and falls, injuries from use of defective chairs to injuries caused by third-party criminals

The last decade has seen an increase in injuries and deaths at hotels, apartment complexes, malls, and ATM machines. This has led to the emergence of a new area of premises liability law: inadequate property security. Carol Hay has a successful track record of holding property and land owners liable for such injuries perpetrated by third-party criminals. 
Premises liability requires knowledgeable attorneys. CAROL HAY has worked successfully on behalf of clients in many diverse premises liability cases. One such case involved a pedestrian that suffered catastrophic brain injuries, when he was hit by a driver as he walked out of a convenience store towards the gas pumps.  Carol Hay successfully sued the convenience store for impeding the drivers view with a large flag pole.  Another case involved the shooting of a businessman as he left a bank within a grocery store.  CAROL HAY  successfully sued the bank for insufficient security. 
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